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Make pancake day, everyday with Hisense

Today is Pancake Day, and in celebration of the occasion, Hisense have prepared a variety of pancake recipes that you can make with the family to enjoy. 

Love is on the Menu with Hisense

Impress your loved one this Valentine’s Day with an impressive three-course menu that will knock their socks off and earn you extra brownie points!

Hisense, has partnered with professional chef, Doug Crampton, to bring restaurant standard dishes to your dinner table.

Easy Veganuary transitions to make this month with Hisense

Veganuary is in full swing, and you’ve probably already seen the influx of new products to hit the shelves.

Whether you live a plant-based diet already or are making the change to try more meat free meals eating vegan has never been more convenient.

Festive goodies to prepare for Christmas

It’s time to get in the Christmas spirit by making festive goodies with the family, to enjoy alongside decorating the house or watching Christmas movies.

We have found some recipes that you are able to make with ease, and with ingredients that you mostly have got in the house to avoid unnecessary shopping trips in this busy period.

Celebrate with your Hisense cooking appliances this Bonfire night

Bonfire night is quickly approaching.

Whether you are hosting your own bonfire, attending an event, or having a cosy night in just peeping outside the window, bonfire inspired snacks are a must for us all.

Which hob is right for you?

There are many factors which contribute when looking into purchasing a new hob; whether that be the style, features, or it’s efficiency.

This blog will distinguish the difference between ceramic, gas and induction, and what features make these hobs contenders for your kitchen.

Smart meal prep to kickstart your back-to-school routine

Back to school usually means back to rushing through the day with little or no time to prepare a balanced and healthy meal.

We prepared some advice on how to make the transition as smooth as possible with planned meal prep.

3 easy sweet treats to make in the microwave (in a mug)

Here are some sweet recipes which are quick and simple to make with very little clean up left over.

These tasty recipes will leave the whole house satisfied and can be paired alongside ice cream to cool you down.

Happy Yorkshire day!

At Hisense, we are proud to be based in Yorkshire, our UK office is based here in Leeds, so we encourage everyone reading this to celebrate with us! 

Poppycooks has offered a short tutorial on Tiktok showing the best way to make your Yorkshire pudding with our Hisense oven.  

Summer kitchen: fire up your grill!

A grill is the perfect addition to your summer cookouts, especially when BBQ’ing in this heat isn’t advised. When equipped with all the necessary grilling skills, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Having the best grill function on your oven will make this experience even better.

Microwave gratinated Jacob shells with mozzarella

Like home cooking, microwaves are moving into the spotlight for their efficiency and easy usage.

To prove that we suggest trying out gratinated Jacob shells with mozzarella made in your microwave oven.

Microwave chamomile soup

What better way to take your microwave on another level. At Hisense we’ve prepared a delicious easy-to-make recipe for chamomile soup.

Thanks to only a few ingredients and a perfect microwave, this will dish will be a weekly favorite once you’ve tried it.