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Why you need to invest in a Hisense dishwasher for the new year

Post Christmas you have decided you spent way too much time washing up after guests rather than getting involved in the Christmas fun. To avoid this happening next year, or at any other social event, invest in a Hisense dishwasher to be your helping hand. A dishwasher is an essential household item to aid in a quick clean-up operation before bed!

Improve your home savings with a dishwasher

Did you know that dishwashing is more efficient than washing by hand, saving up on water, money, and energy.

By choosing the Hisense dishwasher you can now wash up to 16 place settings at once and have them completely dry without using a tea towel.

Why your dishwasher is helping you save money

It is a common misconception that washing up the old-fashioned way is more efficient for a household.

According to Cleanipedia*, the standard dishwasher uses approximately 9.5 litres per wash, compared to hand washing which has been estimated to use up to 60 litres at a time.

How to clean your reusable water bottle

While staying hydrated is important, also super important is to keep your reusable water bottle in top shape.

This means cleaning the bottle regularly, with special attention to lid, straw (if you have it) and lid. To make the most out of your reusable bottle it is important to take proper care of your bottle.

Six Ultimate Cleaning Hacks using only your Dishwasher

When it comes to cleaning our homes, many of us are searching for ways to make it as easy as possible but still achieve that perfectly clean finish.