No matter how hard we want to avoid it – Vacuuming the house is a essential chore to keep your home clean and fresh. However, there are more benefits to it, when we choose a highly efficient, as well as light and eye-catching vacuum cleaner. One that moves cordlessly and leaves your place spotless.

How to choose your “perfect match”?

In a world full of choices, where you can get lost among all the options to choose from, follow these five steps.  Think about easy use, handling, maintenance, suction power, and noise level. Once all this is covered, check out the rest of the technical bits, consider your budget and find a nice-looking appliance. Let be honest, it won’t be a love at first site, but as close as it gets with, well, a vacuum cleaner.

When wondering which type of vacuum cleaner could suit you best, consider the whole range of benefits from cordless vacuum cleaners.

Check some specifics

Cordless: particularly suited for getting to hard to reach places, bigger vacuum cleaners cannot reach. As cordless vacuums are lighter, more portable and easier to use for quick jobs, like picking up spilled cereal in the kitchen or light cleaning.

Suction power: cordless vacuum cleaners have maybe started on the market as convenient for light cleaning of hard floors, but Hisense cordless vacuums are powerful enough to become your main vacuum cleaner at home. Suction power has become truly the motor for doing the good job. Make sure your vacuum cleaner has enough suction power to pick up a variety of messes, including pet hairs for those with allergies.

Battery: a detachable battery is always a good choice, as you can easily recharge it anywhere in the house. It will not use much space and will soon indispensable. Search for Li-lion technology in batteries, that gives it true power. Hisense Hi-Move cordless vacuum cleaner is really the most reliable choice in this manner. It will keep up with 45 minutes of vacuuming, which means you can easily clean the whole space in one go. Lithium-ion batteries have more advantages: they provide more stable suction power. You will get top performance; they charge conveniently fast and can hold charge efficiently compared to other types of batteries. Their weight is low, they can be smaller in size, they are rechargeable and the run time after fully charged can be relatively well predicted.

Ability to reach edges and corners: Cordless vacuum cleaners are designed for convenience in cleaning hard-to-reach places, so foldable tube and flexible wand can do their magic in every corner of the room. A good vacuum stick should allow you to vacuum crevices and around objects – whether by use of an attachment or the compact/convertible design of the vacuum. Thanks to a flexible wand, designed to bend in the middle at Hisense Hi-Move IV cordless vacuum cleaner, you can clean easily under low furniture without having to move them.

Brush roll: a brush roll is a necessary tool for properly cleaning carpets. With stick vacuum cleaner’s the brush also ensures that the debris doesn’t fly around when cleaning smooth surfaces and hard floors. So, the option of brush roll is a plus. We suggest you check the superb turbo brush with an extra-wide motorized brush-roll ensures better suction at Hisense Hi-Move IV new generation of cordless vacuum cleaners. It picks up dirt and debris across both hard floors and carpets. One-click detachable design allows easy removal of the brush-roll for easy maintenance. Soft linings and bumpers make it kind to your hard floors and furniture.

Ease of maintenance: Simply emptying the dust container is enough to make this vacuum cleaner easy to maintain. Easily open and gently brush the filter when emptying container works really handy for everyday jobs.

Versatility: Where there is handiness in cordless stick, you can also enjoy all the advantages of an upright vacuum cleaner that turns into a handheld in mere seconds. From vacuuming the floor to taking care of the sofa, car interior, or hard-to-reach top shelves, a 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner certainly has the ability to convert easily for all everyday jobs.

Storage: Some vacuums come with wall mounts to save floor space. As a plus, some come with a docking station that keeps your vacuum cleaner charged, when hanging on a wall. Storage should be easy and convenient, so check out the design of the vacuum and go for all-in-one to save space and enjoy in elegant and convenient design.

To sum up the best choice out there

Cordless Vacuum Cleaners from Hisense are a great alternative to regular vacuum cleaners. They are lightweight and easy to move around. With no cord you will have no limits. They can transform to a handy handheld vacuum cleaner in a matter of seconds and are ideal for quick fixes for which you only have a minute.