Warmth never goes out of fashion, and that’s why it is important to invest in high quality clothes which protect us from the cold we are facing in winter months. Because these items can be quite an investment, Hisense have prepared some tips, that will help you make them last for many winters to come.


Hang your clothes

“Hang your clothes!” is the sentence we have been hearing from our mothers over and over again. And for a good reason. Not only does hanging clothes prevent them from getting wrinkled, but it helps maintain clothes in a better condition long term as well.

Consequently, it makes sense to invest in sturdy hangers, that will help with maintaining the shape of the items. This is especially important when hanging coats where an appropriate hanger can prevent the coat from stretching in the shoulder area.

When it comes to coats and jackets make sure you empty the pockets before hanging them, since large or heavy items sitting in them contribute to structure deterioration as well. When hanging wool items make sure to leave some space between them so they can breathe and prevent wool from losing its crisp.


Use laundry bags

Chunky knits are a must for winter months. To keep them in their best shape it is recommended to wash them in laundry bags so they don’t get caught up with other sharper items that might result in snags. Laundry bags are also a great tool to keep pairs of gloves together and prevent scarves from getting tangled up.


Wash accordingly

When it comes to clothing in general it is important to check washing instructions and handle accordingly. Especially winter clothes which often include fabrics like wool or cashmere. Many washing machines such as the Hisense WDQY9014EVJM Washer Dryer already have special programmes for these delicate materials – 15 great programmes to be exact!

Materials like cashmere can stretch out so it’s best to take them out in a lump. Since we sweat less in winter, you can wear sweaters or jeans multiple times, especially if you wear an extra layer underneath it. You should leave at least 24 hours before re-wearing your wool clothing, since this allows its elasticity to bounce back. And if you want to quickly freshen your clothes before wearing them again, simply put them in a dryer for 5 minutes.


Skiwear demands special care

Skiwear has special properties and must therefore be handled appropriately. While it is important that you always check the instructions on your skiwear items to ensure best care, there are some general things to avoid. For instance, placing items directly on a heat source can affect skiwear’s waterproof properties. On the other hand, putting items in a dryer at a moderate temperature can actually help it reactivate its water-repellence.

When using a dryer, you should add some dryer balls, since they will help it de-clump.


Store properly

Take the time to store your winter clothes accordingly at the end of the season. Make sure all clothes are washed and correctly folded and then place them inside sealed plastic bags or boxes, that will protect them from water and other threats.

Add a lavender bag to every container, to protect the clothes from moths and maintain their freshness.


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