With the summer holidays in full swing, things are heating up. We’ve seen another scorching week of weather. Hisense have prepared some useful tips to help you keep food and drinks fresh and cold, while organising your fridge to increase the shelf life of your food. So, say goodbye to food waste by introducing these simple tips and tricks into your life.

Don’t overfill your fridge

Overfilling your refrigerator can result in blocking air circulation and reducing energy efficiency. Hisense offers many different models, that come with My Fresh Choice, a system that controls the accurate temperature zone and can be easily converted from fridge to freezer, from -20°C all the way to 5°C.  If you’re having a big barbecue this summer, you can now stock up on cold drinks without digging up the old cooler bags, by easily storing your drinks in the My Fresh Choice compartment, perfect plans for the weekend!

Take proper care of your leftovers

It’s recommended to eat refrigerated leftovers within three to five days, but if you freeze them, they can be good for up to four months. Whichever way you decide to store them, make sure they cool down beforehand, and do not place them in your fridge or freezer while they are still hot, we recommend leaving hot leftovers to cool for an hour before freezing.

Meat and fish demand special care

Raw meat, fish and seafood are best stored on temperatures around 0°C. Most types of uncooked meat can be kept in the fridge for a day or two, after that it should be cooked or frozen, for the best result.

Keep your fruit and vegetables fresh

If you are growing your own fruit & veg, you want to keep it as fresh as the moment you picked it. You can tell that fruits and vegetables are in their prime, when they have a rich colour, don’t have yellowing leaves, blemishes or soft spots. When refrigerating fruits and vegetables, make sure the temperature is between 4°C and 7°C. Hisense refrigerators come with a Moisture Fresh Crisper drawer, that enables you to keep fruit and vegetables crisp and fresh since it maintains best temperature and humidity conditions for fresh greens.


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