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The PureFlat series
A centrepiece to any kitchen

Total No Frost means no frost, anywhere!

More advanced than ordinary frost-free, the innovative Total No Frost Technology from Hisense circulates cold air evenly throughout your fridge and freezer to prevent ice crystals from forming.

More advanced than ordinary frost-free.

  • Intelligent and evenly distributed air system in both fridge & freezer.

  • No water or ice build up in fridge or freezer ever.

More accurate
control of your features
with a touch panel

Premium Stainless Steel finish

The Stainless Steel finish on this fridge freezer is a real statement. The high quality brushed-steel look will elevate the appearance of any kitchen, adding an eye catching element of style.

Experience Metal-Tech Cooling technology

The Metal-Tech Cooling system runs throughout the whole fridge, helping to maintain even and uniformed temperature distribution.

Flexibility with My Fresh Choice chilling options

This dedicated bottom right hand side compartment offers you the option of either fridge or freezer space. This My Fresh Choice compartment can change temperature range from 5°C down to -20°C. It gives you the added flexibility to choose how you store your food when your needs could change at any given time.


Explore the RQ758N4SWI1


Temperature range between -14°C to -24°C.

Water Dispenser

Sleek & non-plumbed.


Temperature range between 2°C to 8°C.

My Fresh Choice

Temperature range between 5°C to -20°C.


Temperature range between -14°C to -24°C.

Recessed Handles

Newly designed & more user friendly.

Water Dispenser

Sleek & non-plumbed.


Temperature range between 2°C to 8°C.

My Fresh Choice

Temperature range between 5°C to -20°C.

Recessed Handles

Newly designed & more user friendly.

All Hisense appliances include a 2 year warranty as standard to give you complete peace of mind with a product that's built to last.

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  • Yes

    My Fresh Choice

  • Electronic

    Temperature Control

  • F

    Energy Class

  • 621

    Total Capacity in Litres (Gross)

  • 456

    Energy Consumption (kWh/year)

  • 912 x 1785 x 725

    Dimensions in mm's (W x H x D)

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Looks great. Bought this a month ago and so happy I did make my new kitchen looks great. Loads space I'm so pleased I chose this make❞


Very spacious & Excellent fridge. I had this American style fridge freezer nearly two months now. It’s lot bigger then originally anticipated. This replaced my two freestanding fridges and i still have lot more room. I’m so glad i bought this. If you’re looking for big, stylish and quiet fridge then this is the one to go for.❞

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Hisense RQ758N4SWI1


Available In


  • Model Number
  • RQ758N4SWI1
  • Category
  • Multi Door Total No Frost Fridge Freezer
  • Colour
  • Premium Stainless Steel Look
  • EAN
  • 6921727052384
  • Type of backing
  • Metal


  • Total Capacity in Litres (Gross)
  • 621
  • Total Capacity in Litres (Net)
  • 579
  • Fridge Capacity in Litres (Gross)
  • Fridge Capacity in Litres (Net)
  • 388
  • Freezer Capacity in Litres (Gross)
  • Freezer Capacity in Litres (Net)
  • 84 + 12 + 95

Dimensions & Weight

  • Dimensions in mm's (W x H x D)
  • 912 x 1785 x 725
  • Product Weight in kg's
  • 128
  • Dimensions in mm's (with Package) (W x H x D)
  • 968 x 1901 x 778
  • Product Weight in kg's (with Package)
  • 137

General Features

  • Cooling System
  • Total No Frost
  • Water Dispenser
  • Non-plumbed
  • Water & Ice Dispenser
  • NO
  • Inverter Compressor
  • YES
  • Temperature Control
  • Electronic
  • Multi-Air Flow
  • YES
  • Display
  • LED Touch
  • Door Alarm
  • YES
  • Child Lock
  • NO
  • Super Cool
  • YES
  • Super Freeze
  • YES
  • Holiday Mode
  • YES
  • Handle
  • Recessed
  • Reversible Door
  • NO

Fridge Features

  • My Fresh Choice
  • YES
  • Internal Light
  • LED
  • Safety Glass Shelves
  • 3
  • Wine Rack
  • NO
  • Crisper Box
  • 4
  • Moisture Control Crisper
  • YES
  • Door Balconies
  • 6
  • NANO Fresh Technology
  • NO
  • Egg Tray
  • YES

Freezer Features

  • Internal Light
  • LED(2)
  • No. of Drawers
  • 4
  • No. of Shelves
  • NO
  • Easy Access Drawer
  • YES
  • Huge Box
  • NO
  • Ice Maker
  • Ice cube tray

Performance & Data

  • Energy Class
  • F
  • Energy Consumption (kWh/year)
  • 456
  • Noise (dB(A))
  • 43
  • Freezing Capacity in 24 h (kg)
  • 6
  • Temperature rise time (h)
  • 16
  • Freezer Star Rating
  • 4
  • Climate Class
  • N, ST, T
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Hisense RQ758N4SWI1



  • Quality
  • Value
  • Features
  • Design

63 Reviews

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  • Cherrybobbins.



    “Lots of space !!”

    Very happy with purchase..excellent value .lots of space and very deep door shelves .. Also freezer very spacious.

  • Stargate4004



    “Good product, but pray that it doesn't fail”

    SUMMARY Good Points: SUMMARY Good Points: • Enormous fridge • Significant power saving Bad Points: • Fridge and freezer compartments don’t fall to set temperature • Hisense don’t answer phone or respond to emails. I have no idea how to get their attention if the appliance goes wrong. DETAIL I’ve had my Hisense fridge freezer for around six weeks now, and am mostly happy with it. The fridge is delightfully cavernous (most of the contents of my old under-counter fridge fitted into the door pockets of the RQ758N4SWI1, leaving the shelves practically empty), and the water dispenser has a generous 4 litre capacity (so doesn’t need refilling every 5 minutes). And I love the full-width drawer in the fridge – ideal for yogurts and small jars. It runs very quietly, and is saving a significant amount of electricity over my old separate fridge and freezer (around 30p a day, according to my smart meter). At that rate I’ll get the RQ758N4SWI1 purchase price back in just 10 years and 16 days! On the down side, the fridge and both freezer compartments all fail to reach their set temperature. I’ve used two separate thermometers and both show that the temperatures never get as low as those set. For example, the fridge is set to 4 degrees and the thermometer reading is currently 5.8 degrees. Similarly when set to minus 18 the “My Fresh Choice” zone only drops to minus 16. (Minus 18, incidentally, is the recommended temperature for storing frozen food at, so by that measure the My Fresh Choice zone cannot be considered fit for purpose as a freezer.) Hisense state in the user manual: “When you set a temperature, you are setting an average temperature for the entire compartment. The actual compartment temperatures may vary from the temperatures displayed depending on the amount and placement of stored food, and the surrounding room temperature.” But as neither of my thermometers reach the set temperature (let alone fall below it) at any position in the fridge/freezer compartments then this obviously doesn’t hold true. (For the record, the appliance is in a utility room at normal room temperature and is not close to any heat sources, and I am very careful to minimise the amount of time the doors are open.) WARRANTY REGISTRATION On the day of delivery I registered the fridge freezer on the Hisense website, and was asked for the Serial Number. The label inside the fridge has two “numbers” on it, one comprising seven digits, and one comprising 23 characters (letters and digits), neither of which is labelled as the Serial Number. So I entered the seven digit number, thinking that the form validation would tell me if it wasn’t a valid Serial Number. I didn’t get any error, and received a Warranty Confirmation email. However, I later discovered from the Hisense FAQ pages that the Serial Number is in fact 23 characters long. So I logged back into my Hisense account to change the Serial Number, but there was no way of doing this. So I clicked the “Contact Me” button and filled in a form explaining my mistake and asking how I could get the correct Serial Number logged. I selected “Please contact me by email, but almost six weeks later (at time of writing this review), I have not received a response. After waiting two weeks for a reply I decided to phone the Hisense Helpline (0333 043 6697). I selected option 3 ("Registration") and waited on hold for 1 hour and 20 minutes. I was evident that my call was never going to be answered, so I hung up and decided to send a detailed email to Hisense. The Hisense website does not provide an email address, but after much trawling of the ‘net I found that people complaining about Hisense products on Trustpilot had been told to email service@hisense.co.uk, so I sent a detailed email to that address. One week later I got a response from hisense@promotion-support.com, saying that they only deal with Women's Euro 2022 Cashback Promotion, and helpfully(?) giving me the Warranty Department phone number (0333 043 6697 – yes, the one which doesn’t answer calls). I replied explaining that I had emailed service@hisense.co.uk, not hisense@promotion-support.com, but do not have any confidence that my email will reach anyone who can do anything useful. So in desperation I have re-registered my appliance using the correct Serial Number, and have received a second Warranty Confirmation. My Hisense account now shows two appliances, one with the wrong Serial Number and one with the correct one. So hopefully I’ll be able to make a warranty claim if the appliance fails, if I am able to actually contact them to register the fault. I’m not confident that I will…

  • Ginafat



    “Great features”

    I'm so glad I got this over a month ago. It spacious and efficient.

  • RGat



    “Good buy”

    Really pleased with the fridge, love the space, and roomy shelves on the doors.

  • Jane W



    “American Type Fridge Freezer”

    After having a new kitchen fitted we were able to make space for an American style Fridge Freezer to fit in & this particular Hisense model was perfect for what we wanted.

  • Neilsax



    “Cavernous, but leaky and not toddler-proof”

    The fridge is huge, it has solved the problem of our weekly shop for six fitting in. The water dispenser leaks when full and there are already multiple dents in the doors from our overactive toddler. Quite expensive, but I guess everything is these days. I really like it overall.

  • gramps 74



    “great space”

    very happy with this purchase and would recommend this product

  • cooks



    “Great product but cashback element is complex”

    Product is really nice with plenty of space which we never fill up! Working really well - wish it was plumbed but no real hassle in topping up manually. We bought the product because of the wide shelves allowing us to store pizza boxes. So we like the product but the cashback element is really complex and results in a virtual credit card which we don't want - just give us the cash back!

  • Rose47



    “Fantastic capacity”

    I got this in may and love it also friends that has seen it love it

  • tricky dicky



    “Great appliance”

    My previous one broke down and it was replaced by my insurers and this model is even better than the other one. Fantastic..

63 Reviews

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