Hisense BID79222CXUK

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  • The oven lighting is not working, how do i replace a bulb?

    The bulb is a consumable and therefore not covered by warranty.

    Before changing the bulb, remove the trays, the grid, and the guides.

    Use a screwdriver to release the bulb cover.

    Remove the existing bulb, being careful not to damage the enamel and the existing bulb is disposed of safely.

    Replace the bulb with a suitable replacement.

    Compatible bulbs / lamps:
    Halogen lamp: G9, 230 V, 25 W; Regular bulb: E14, 25 W, 230 V).

  • An error code is displayed (E1, E2, E3 etc.).

    There is an error in the electronic module operation.

    Disconnect the appliance from the power mains for several minutes.

    Then, reconnect it and set the time of day.

    If the error is still indicated, call a service technician.

  • There is no response of the sensors; the display is frozen.

    Disconnect the appliance from the power mains for several minutes (switch off the main switch); then, reconnect the appliance and switch it on.

  • How do I remove and insert the oven door glass pane?

    1. Lift the supports on the left and right side of the door (marking 1 on the support) and pull them away from the glass pane (marking 2 on the support).

    2. Hold the door glass pane by the lower edge; lifting it slightly so that it is no longer attached to the support; and remove it.

    3. To replace the glass pane, follow the reverse order. The markings (semi-circle) on the door and the glass pane should overlap.