Hisense HVC6133WUK

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  • Why won't my Vacuum won’t switch on?

    • This may be a simple issue to fix, check the battery has power but plugging it in to the mains, the LED lights on the battery should illuminate to show the level of charge. When fully charged the product will operate
  • Why has my vacuum lost suction?

    • Loss of suction can occur is the dust cup is full, we should regularly empty the units 
    • You can also check for potential blockages, remove the handheld section and floor nozzle and shine a touch down the Wand, you should be able to see all the way through, if not there will be a blockage 
    • To remove any blockage from the wand use soft plastic stick, being careful to not cause damage to the wand
  • How do I remove hair from the brush-roll?

    • With a pair of scissors gently cut through the hair avoiding the bristles
  • How often should I clean my filter?

    • To maintain suction, filters should be cleaned every 12 weeks, simply remove the files and rinse under cold water and allow to air dry completely, typically 24-48 hrs. 
    • Do not use any abrasive brushes on the filter as this can damage them leading to pick up issues