Hisense RB327N4WC1

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  • Where can I find my serial/model number?

    The serial number is a 23 character code made up of letters and numbers and will be written under a barcode on a small white sticker, located in one of two places:

    • Inside the fridge section on the left hand side wall behind the crisper drawer
    • On the back of the product (outside)

    A small number of models will have a 12 character serial number starting “CNK…” on a product description label inside the fridge behind the crisper drawer.

  • How do I register my product?

    To register your product please visit Hisense Warranty.

  • Why does my fridge not come on at all?

    There are a few simple checks you can do: see if the light comes on when you open the fridge door and make sure the power is connected correctly. Change the plug to another socket and be sure other electrical devices work when connected to the same power point.


  • Why is my fridge not cooling at all?

    To lower the fridge temperature, simply adjust the thermostat. Listen to see if you can hear the sound of the compressor running, or the sound of the compressor starting and stopping continuously.

  • Why is my fridge not cooling enough?

    Adjust the temperature to a lower setting, check the door is sealed properly when closed and make sure there are no warm food items placed in the fridge.

  • Why is ice forming on the back of the fridge compartment?

    Check the temperature setting, ensuring it’s not too low. Make sure the doors are properly sealed when closed. A small amount of ice may form but this will disappear on the defrost cycle.

  • Why is there water leaking inside my fridge?

    If a lot of high moisture content food i.e. salads have recently been added then this will condense as part of the refrigeration cycle. Alternatively, the drain pipe could possibly be blocked at the back, inside the fridge. If a blockage is present, the drain pipe can be cleared by inserting a thin knitting needle or braising rod down the drain pipe hole.

  • How do I stop my water dispenser from leaking?

    If you have re-installed the water tank after cleaning, check if the nozzle is correctly connected to the door liner. The water container in the fridge compartment must be fitted vertically with two hoses. If the water dispenser leak persists, please call our Service Line on 0191 387 0804.

  • Why is my fridge vibrating / making a noise?

    The internal fan and compressor will generate noise. This is completely normal.

    Check if the fridge is level, adjust the feet if not. Be sure there is enough clearance between the wall / skirting board and the fridge. The product’s noise level is indicated on the energy label provided.

  • Is there anyone I could telephone to help me with my fridge or freezer query?

    Yes, of course, if you’re still experiencing problems with your product, one of our after-sales support team at JTM would be more than happy to help.

    Hisense Service Call Number 0191 387 0804


  • How long do I need to wait before I can switch it on after delivery?

    Ask your delivery driver if it has been loaded on its side, we would suggest waiting 4 hours if the product was transported upright and 12hrs if laid down on its side.

  • Do I need to defrost my appliance?

    Although our appliances automatically defrost, a layer of frost may occur on the freezer compartment’s interior walls if the freezer door is opened frequently or kept open too long. If the appliance is not frost-free then a regular defrost is recommended to ensure the appliance is running at optimum efficiency.

  • How hot does the side of the appliance supposed to get; do I have a fault / is it dangerous?

    At times the units can reach up to 40℃ or more, this depends on the running rate of the compressor.

    An overheat thermostat is fitted for safety in the event of compressor overheating.

    Avoid leaving the refrigeration door open for long periods of time, making sure there is enough ventilation space between the wall and product. For further information, please refer to the user manual.

    If the side of the unit reaches extremely high temperatures such as 80℃, please call our service line for help on 0191 387 0804.