Hisense WFQA1014EVJM

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  • Where can I find my serial/model number?

    The serial number is a 23 character code made up of letters and numbers and will be written under a barcode on a small white sticker, located on the back of the product.

  • How do I register my product?

    To register your product please visit Hisense Warranty.

  • Why is my appliance not spinning?

    Check all cables are correctly connected and switched on, including the power plug and water inlet tab. If the issue persists, call our Service Line on 0191 387 0804 for assistance.

  • How do I clean the filter?

    We recommend that you check and clean the filter regularly, at least two or three times a year. For information on washing machine care and maintenance, please follow the product user manual provided. These can be downloaded via each product page on our website.

  • How long are the different programs?

    Our washing machines have a series of features and functions to provide optimum results every time. For your convenience, all of our models include a 15-minute quick wash. Please follow the product user manual for further information.