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See the incredible with Hisense 4K ULED.

Ultra Colour, Ultra Contrast, Ultra Motion and 4K Ultra HD work in harmony to bring you smoother, more fluid picture quality that bursts with colour, clarity and striking contrast, achieving a stunningly realistic picture.


Ultra Colour

Boasting over 1 billion colours, our Ultra Colour will reproduce an incredible spectrum of shades. More colours mean you can watch everything in breathtakingly vivid, true-to-life colour, exactly as the director intended.

Ultra Contrast

Advanced local dimming and precision brightness that produces brilliant contrast, achieving striking levels of depth making blacks darker and whites even brighter.

Over 1000 independently controlled zones

By turning its ultra-dense LED lights on and off individually to suit every scene, Prime Array Backlight delivers an unprecedented dynamic range. From the deepest blacks to dazzling lights, it reflects the world around us totally. it also offers the benefits of improved screen efficiency, lowering power consumption and lengthening the screen's life.
*1000+ local dimming zones available on the 75" U9A only.

Ultra Clarity

With 4x more pixels than traditional Full HD, Hisense’s 4K UHD resolution provides a pin-sharp picture with beautifully natural motion and incredible detail. This sets an exceptional standard for HD quality and clarity.

Original Image Normal
Modified Image UHD
  • 4x

    more pixels than 1080p Full HD

  • UHD


  • 4x

    up-scaling for existing HD content

Ultra Motion

Powered by MEMC chips, our Ultra Motion intelligently fills in the fraction-of-a-second gaps between the frames of the picture. This dramatically reduces motion blur and flicker, which means you enjoy a smoother, more fluid viewing experience.

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